Consulting for Artists, Unique Business

and everything in between.


“Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character, forged by experience, and communicated by example.”

— John Baldoni


“We can never fall short when it comes to recruiting, hiring, maintaining and growing our workforce. It is the employees who make our organization’s success a reality.”

— Vern Dosch


"Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions. Art makes questions. Leadership makes actions." 

— John Maeda


Find balance in all things and exercise it. "

— Constance Quigley

Combined we have more than 35 years in consulting for artists, globally. 

We offer a different approach to consulting and ensuring fair & equitable business development. 

Finally, a consulting group emerges that is creative, flexible, and experienced as you are!


At J.C. Quigley Consulting we are deeply invested in leadership studies focused on ethical inclusion for gender, culture, and generational partners. We are here to improve the world of business, one client at a time. Together we are developing a futuristic perspective of organizational policy, profitability, and management. We are determined to enhance the human experience through bottom-line focused, big-picture thinking. 

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