Constance Quigley, M.B.A. - 21st century Leadership and Organizational Consultant

Helping you to perfect the strategy to achieve your vision.

I have 16+ years of business development and digital marketing under my belt, and I am looking to connect with companies that challenge my creative and analytical talents.

My organizational history is rich and deeply invested in the continuous improvement of business processes. I excel in Business Development strategy, planning, and marketing with data-driven initiatives.


I am bright, curious, and creative in my consulting projects- quickly establishing teams where I can continue to challenge bottom line growth through the innovation and engagement of exceptional people. I am an influencer who encourages the development of pioneering cross-functional teams!



I am very data driven and customer focused, fostering greater retention, communication, and engagement of target audiences. Easier stated: I get you connected to the people who will drive your business forward.

 I am a doctorate student studying the Organizational leadership, who is known for excellence in communication, research, reporting, and dynamic leadership.

Fun fact about me:


Since 2011, I have volunteered for two non-profit boards each year, consulting for Operational success with core focuses in: Finance & Fundraising, Strategic Development, Project Management, Relationship Building, Website Development, Advertising, and Marketing.

About Me:


2016- 2020

Doctor of Management- Organizational Leadership

University of Phoenix | College of Doctoral Studies

-in progress


Master of Business Administration 


Bachelor of Global Business Management


A.A. Foundations of Business 

Featured Clients



Best Director of Business Development | Haus2o, LLC


Guest Hospitality Choice Award |


Brilliant Innovation  |  ReanimateMe, LLC


National Honors Recognition 


Delta Mu Delta | elected by a Lambda Sigma Chapter


International Honors | Golden Key honors Society


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