About Me:

Devender Singh:  Sales And Marketing. Customer Solutions, Retail Sales, Promotional Activity for Lead Generation

21st century solutions for a global economy

Devender is a multilingual sales and marketing specialist, ready to take your operations toward profitable success.


Learn how to get up-to-date information about new products, services to take your business growth to the next level.


The world faces new and complex challenges due to our ability to store and retain information about copyrighted works. The Internet and social media come to mind as two major forces in this field. Today, people around the world are faced with new and complex technologies, with new and increasing responsibilities due to the responsibilities associated with modern business.


Take your profitability global by aligning with specialists and quality teams.  

Focus your company that is focused on growth and entrepreneurship, you should probably be very focused, this is where my services come in.


If you want to invest in the future you should be very focused. You are here looking at what you can do next. You are here to go to the next level and invest in what you can right now to grow your business.

Fun fact about me:


I speak Hindi, English, and Punjabi. 


B.Tech from KUK in 2009-12 with 60%

Engg. Diploma from SBTE in 2006-09 with 59.49%.

10th from H.B.S.E in 2005-06 with 75%.


Organization: Mars Electronics, Saha, Ambala

Project Title:  Electronics Instrumentation and

Hardware Training on Experimental Lab Equipment.

Period of work: 2 Months in July-Aug 2010


Organization: Northstar Fasteners Institute, Panchkula.

Project Title: Electronics Instrumentation, Basic Training on PLC and HDMI

Period of work: 2 Months in July-Aug 2011

Sales to drive your profits and growth

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