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Jeffrey Quigley - 21st-century Organizational Consultant for leadership, strategy, and sales

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I am a high energy diplomatic leader driven to principal team engagement, customer excellence, and leadership through hands-on motivation and mentoring. I thrive in driving forward fast-paced, highly dynamic environments, championing solutions with strategic innovation and smart results.


Outstanding transformational and servant leader who can energize all operational teams with hands-on engagement, exemplary communication, and focused productivity.


I am a highly experienced mechanic and organizational leader. I ensure safety and best practices while developing brilliant customer relations strategies with a keen ability to capture opportunities and diffuse escalating situations.



I am always looking for a new way to complete complex tasks in a simplified, more efficient, and effective manner. I thrive as a consultant leading the changing environments and teaching adaptation. The future requires change, where there is always something new around the corner. Adapting and flourishing in challenging situations where insight and intellectual analysis are required to overcome unique challenges is what I teach.

10+ years Operations management
10+ years Automotive leadership
6+ years of web development

Fun fact about me:


Since 2011, I have volunteered for two businesses each year, consulting for Operational success with core focuses in: Profit and Loss management Solutions, Training programs, Strategic Development, Mechanic safety and team success, Team Building,  Sales, and Best practices. 

Often, I find that stronger scheduling practices and daily time management objectives strengthen the operations' success, lowers turnover, improves customer loyalty, and increases profits.  



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Master of Management 


Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology

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Driving change forward.

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