Michael Egleton, Independent Artist and Music Consultant 

About Me:

Taking your music from inside you to the stage!

Highly sought-after award-winning Jazz-Blues Artist. Excite your clients and patrons with a stellar night of deeply soulful music. Michael's music has been reviewed by major media, acclaiming his "fresh" "Inspiring" "Much Anticipated" (Michael's Reviews: https://www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton/press )

College Underground Radio, 2017, reported, "Michael Egleton is quickly becoming recognized and respected for his consistency, quality, and effectiveness of his music. His music touches the hearts and minds of those who listen to it and deals with many life issues and relationship issues that affect people every day.



“It’s real”, is the way one music reviewer describes it. It’s to the point as another has written. It’s smooth and sultry music. NBC News Channel 4 said of the award-winning A Look Into My Heart, “The album is a powerhouse from start to finish, and even looks great, too.” CNN IReport News said, ".... the message of this album is one of hope .." So one can see this artist, Michael Egleton, is on his way to greatness with every note he writes."


Consultant for Independent Artists 

Secure an hour with me on the phone to evaluate where you are in your independent music career and where you need to go. As an artist, I know the value of this service and I am blessed to be offering it to you. 

Book me today and let's take your song from your heart to the world! 

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