About Me:

Mihai Grady™ Creative Consulting and Chief Creative Officer at Mihai, LLC

Communicating your brand through exceptional promotional design

Mihai's interests include acting, singing a duet with people, modeling, going to concerts, drawing, writing poetry sharing quality time with family and loved ones, going to sporting events, museums, coffee shops and going running. He also likes making time to mentor people in the alike fields of interest. He has a passion for collaborating if you ever find yourself feeling moved to contract him to work on a special project.

Status on Representation: Considering Agency inquiries desiring to sign him on. He is keeping his options open until he sees one that aligns to his career direction.

[To spark fun collaborations, projects with people & brands.] 

Fun fact about me:


Launches music apparel, what profits we make, a % of the money will be gifted to MusiCares Foundation our way of saying thank you. Inspired by/for our youth who wish to and who rise above; homelessness, joblessness, and neglect. Also for the die-hard concert lovers! We believe in the passion for inclusiveness keeps the world turning. It is about us.

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