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A Lot To Be Thankful For

This year has been one of the most challenging in our history. We’ve experienced growth, change, setbacks, development, and a list of too many other things to recount. It has been through these events that we have found ourselves in the position we are in today. We have found success when others have failed. We have learned to leap when the opportunity presents itself.

We have made friends and clients along the way. We learned from each other while teaching others at the same time. Let's all take a moment here to appreciate some things we’re thankful for this holiday season.

1. Being Close

While the world is thrown into this pandemic without rhyme or reason, one of the things that we are thankful for is that it has given us the opportunity to be closer to the ones we love. We spend more time around our families. We find happiness in the closeness of our friends and loved ones.

2. Redefining Working from Home

Along with spending more time with our families, we have had the opportunity to learn new ways to be productive while working from home. This is my first year working from home. Dr. Quigley has been doing this for years, but I hadn’t made the leap until this year. I’ve always worked for others, and this year we leaped and have made the most of it. I am thankful for this gift.

3. Finding and Helping New Clients

One of the coolest things we’ve experienced this year is growth in our business that has been tremendous. With more people working from home, we’ve had more visitors to our site and we’ve gained new clients who are reaching for the stars and making the most of this new work from home approach to life. It has given us the chance to help more people than ever before.

4. New Ways to Celebrate

Going out to celebrate wins and victories is currently not an option. What we have discovered is that we have been put in a unique situation to develop new ways to communicate and celebrate our successes with clients and friends. Whether we hold face to face online gatherings or connect through our favorite gaming platforms, it turns out there are many ways to celebrate without the added risk.

5. Homeschool

The Quigley children have been homeschooled all their lives, but now we have friends and clients who also participate in this type of more personal education. We now have parents who call and connect with us not just about building their businesses, but on matters of education and we love being able to offer advice to new homeschool families. It’s an amazing transition from public/private school to homeschool. One that takes time and patience. Practice. Love. Care. Learn and Teach.

Not everyone will be thankful for the same things, but I think we can all agree that we have a lot to be thankful for this year, especially considering what has been thrown at us. We are here. We make the most of every day. We make life special for those around us, and they return the favor.

Show some love this Thanksgiving and let those around you know what you’re thankful for, and encourage them to do the same.

Jeff Quigley


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