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Ahoy and welcome t' th' Teak Lady Historical Society. In this corner o' our website we 'ave exclusively dedicated a portion o' our forum t' sharin' information, tips, tricks, 'n more wit' th' seafarin' ladies 'n gentlemen o' th' world. So pour a strong drink 'n get settled in, here be where we, th' scallywags 'n strumpets o' th' sea can socialize 'n share our tales 'n experiences.

This post in particular was developed by Connie, Master o' Marketin', in honor 'n respect fer th' two Captains in her life. Master Boat Builder 'n Captain Rick 'n me dear matey Captain Dave, th' Master Director o' th' Teak Ladies Society. I suppose, me be under qualified t' be givin' th' first official tips 'n tricks post fer sailors. I 'ave barley any sea legs, unless ye be sailin' th' search engine optimization waves o' th' 21st century. Wha' me can offer be quite th' bounty, however. I can share wit' th' world wha' I know about these two exceptional captains 'n our motivations as a community t' commit t' th' historical preservation o' th' Teak Ladies.

Captain Rick Johnson be th' most mild mannered cap'n in all th' seas, but his talent be unmatched in buildin' vessels o' a quality exceedin' Black Beards booty. He be th' finest gentleman I 'ave ever known 'n I admire 'im, his ethic, 'n his loyalty t' his crew. I 'ave worked aboard Captain Rick's Vessels fer five years now, 'n fear I shall spend me entire life failin' t' meet another scallywag o' such talent, heart, 'n integrity.

Thar be no one greater t' 'ave by yer side when th' weather be stormy 'n th' seas rough.

His hands a loot themselves, as we see here at th' port when he loots t' fixin' a vessel long forgotten. Tis' be a pirate who be kind to tar n' swab, and who can catch the heart n' eye of the finest maidens.

Th' world be a greater ship wit' Captain Rick Johnson, 'n his companies are a vital support t' our community. When sailors are needin' a ship t' rest, he offers them a five-star gypsy ship hotel, right here at th' port o' Toledo. His name be carried on in his ship buildin' crew, Johnson family ship buildin', which specializes in high quality wooden ship repair, restoration, 'n builds.

Captain Dave be th' most dedicated scallywag t' these Teak Ladies. He travels great distances throughout th' year t' keep our mission a float. He be th' heart o' our mission 'n th' voice fer our cause. His journey's 'ave gathered information from around th' world, which he archives 'n keeps as his life's work, his pirate loot. Then he shares it wit' each o' us.

Beyond th' seas, he has a deep love o' trees, placin' 'im ideally on th' emerald coast. Where th' trees protect th' landlovers from th' fury o' th' sea, when she's feelin't, o' course. Thar ye can find Captain Dave, aboard his lovely ship, movin' wit' th' oceans dance, 'n tellin' tales o' a time past.

Me admiration o' these scallywags be deep 'n me love o' them true. Thar be no finer sailors, no finer craftsman, no finer scallywags- save me Jeffrey 'n me son. (which I be sure they understand).

Now t' th' Teak Ladies Historical Society 'n her mission. WE are located along th' Yaquina in th' beautiful Toledo Oregon, where year round ye can find community hands tendin' th' vessels we 'ave 'n keepin' thar tales alive. We be dedicated t' thar history, restoration, 'n above all thar preservation. We be a community group 'n subsidiary t' th' Port o' Toledo. Th' Port be a fine example o' seafarin' folk 'n an ideal destination t' those who seek refuge 'n a repair fer thar ship.

Here I hope t' see a community grow 'n share tales, support, tips, 'n tricks. Captain Dave will check in when he drops anchor, 'n happily answer any riddles. Ahoy t' th' Teak Ladies Historical Society, register 'n stay active.

I shall weigh anchor 'n check in soon! Fer those o' us who wants t' speak in Pirate tongue, visit this link fer a free translator. (I had to!) http://pirate.monkeyness.com/online_pirate_translator

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