All about Tumblr, for the most part.

This week, we were a little late posting our webisode, but such is the life of entrepreneurs. Rupert and I both enjoyed a rewarding and challenging week that required us to postpone a day of filming. All is well in the world of Constantly cheeky. Join us for this week's webisode special all about Tumblr and enjoy special graduation shout out great discussions, and a rooster, yeah- you got that right. A cock-a-doodle-do rooster!

What does that have to do with music, industry, digital design, or social media you wonder…? Everything and nothing, let’s just say my rooster has a flare for the dramatic and insisted on some film exposure.

I love my life, there is a bit of everything in it. I hope you join us and if you love it, share our videos to your own social networks.

Entrepreneurship is the best most rewarding work a person can aspire to, but it requires continual learning, growth, passion, and compassion. ConstantlyCheeky is an open discussion between Rupert Cheek with Cheeky Promos and Constance Quigley, MBA. Together they are adventuring into the music industry and leaving the window open, so you can learn alongside them. Rupert and Constance continue this week with Tumblr a special in their mini social media platform series. Beyond offering an awesome experience to learn and grow, Rupert and Constance of ConstantlyCheeky have launched a Mighty Network and encourage everyone willing to learn and grow in business to join them.

Don’t forget to connect! Who knows maybe you could be a guest on our YouTube series!


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