Buckle Up, this is statistics

The first week has been a strong refresher course for different research methodologies and purposes. I need to remember that each methodology offers researchers a unique way to address our questions and solve problems, but every methodology solves not every question. As I read through the texts and my own complied research, I am reminded of the importance of qualitative and quantitative studies. At the beginning of the class, we were each welcomed in with a set of questions to answer in my reflection.

What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative research? The simplest way to answer the differences is that qualitative research seeks to identify the participant's behaviors, views, and feelings on a particular subject to identify the initial understanding, where quantitative research seeks a solution through data driven results. Both seek to advance our greater body of knowledge.

How can you best identify which method would be the most appropriate for a particular research question? The easiest way to identify which method is most appropriate is to identify the data available based on the current body of knowledge and identify how the data will be collected.  If the data are collected using interviews, then a qualitative study will be appropriate if the data will be collected through case studies or experimental design that quantitative studies will best suit the research. Vogt (2007) reminded researchers that the methodology focuses more on accomplishing the study you hope to complete.

I am very excited and a bit apprehensive about being moving forward with this class.

Reading ahead, I am excited to be completing a mock study; I spent the entire week trying to identify an area of study that could continue to build my body of knowledge for my dissertation study and fit the criteria of the course. That was a challenge, but I found amazing resources, and I am excited to be learning through practice and application. I am a bit apprehensive because this reads like it will be the most challenging course to date. I look forward to next week and establishing the framework for my study.


Vogt, W. P. (2007).  Quantitative research methods for professionals.  Boston, MA:  Pearson.

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