Cake, ibuprofen, and a lot of reading

My family and I are recovering from the worst 7-day flu I have ever encountered in my personal life. I am delighted to be at the end of the cold and hope the antibodies are tough little fighters. I never want to feel that sick, ever again.

In my professional life, learning to run my company remotely has had its ups and downs.  My consulting work is taking off here. Word of mouth has developed into my greatest asset. I have received a warm welcome here in Arizona, and now I wonder if it’s a bit too warm. (Only because I am afraid I will fall behind if I accept one more client).

As a scholar and student, I am very proud of myself. I am not going to lie. This class is intense!! However, I am enjoying it. There is something to be said about accomplishing something difficult. Maybe it's the entrepreneur in me. It's my personality; regardless, I came here to learn. And I have to admit; I am learning more in this class than any combined five before it. The papers' instructions were intimidating to read, but I found it a very educational process once I started working on them. I have a notebook beside my computer full of formulas, SPSS coding, and inputs, and references for further review- it's nearly full.

Areas of struggle: Wow, I think I could write a book here, but I have a lot of catching up to do due to illness. One of my variables had extreme skewness and kurtosis, where the calculated z value was as high as 8, which was well beyond the ideal range of -1.96 to 1.96. My confusion is how can I determine why this skewness occurred and where. Any references would be greatly appreciated.  I think for the week, I am most proud of my understanding of Likert Items and Scales. Brown (2011) reminded researchers to always differentiate between Likert items and Likert scales, especially if you want variables measured at the interval level.

I included graphs in my assignments and my visual assessment. I hope I did it all correctly. The graph showed a skewness. I was hoping you could help guide me in the feedback. Although today, I wonder if I should about-face and try the quality of life suggested by you and the text. I am very proud of the work I put into my assignment, and I believe I did a great job in developing and communicating my progress. I really want to see what you have to say about the work I did do. I believe I found a solution that works perfectly with my design. While I wait, I think today I’ll try rearranging my design using the quality of life, just for the learning opportunity. I really want to thank you; this has been an amazing class, and I am challenged to be the best researcher I can be.

I want to note that I have to start my research over, changing every aspect of the study for me to try a quality of life or quality of work suggestion. But I am happy to develop a mock, to learn and practice the process.


Brown, J.D. (2011, March). Likert items and scales of measurement? SHIKEN: JALT Testing & Evaluation SIG Newsletter15(1), 10-14. Retrieved From

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