Cheeky helps people through the arts:


Support creative/performing artists

To help people earn a living doing what they love.

Provide affordable/cheap/free education in the arts

Improve on & offline communication skills

Improve peoples sense of self-worth/confidence

Help people feel valued as an important part of society.

Help people make a living through the creative sector;

To be financially independent.

Raise awareness of & provide resources to manage mental health; In late May 2019, I heard that a musician I used to play with on/off between 2004–2012 had taken his life after struggling with bipolar disorder. I know 3 people who live with various forms of psychosis/schizophrenia. I’ve struggled with depression at various points in my life.


Cheeky Fest is an international community + festival which grew out of the community/promotion project I set up in 2013 to help musicians.

Cheeky Fest is a collaborative community that empowers, encourages, inspires, and people through their creative talents.

Cheeky Fest will help people through art, dance, film, music, opera, performance, poetry, sound, silence, theatre, and/or video.

We will be engaging, marketing & promoting on the Cheeky pages on social media platforms. For in-depth one to one consulting & marketing/promotions, you need to be a member of our Mighty Network.’


London based music promoter Cheeky Promo is organizing an arts festival to raise money for 2 vital charities - Nordoff Robbins (music therapy) & London's Air Ambulance — both close to my heart as I had music therapy as a child & was helped by the LAA after an accident in 2011.

Cheeky Promo is looking for a plethora of performers (musicians, live / performance artists, performance poets, dancers, theatre groups), a collection of creatives (artists/painters, filmmakers, fashion designers), a vat of volunteers, and a selection of sponsors so that they can book the venue & pay the performers expenses whilst raising money for the 2 charities.* [see bottom]

Cheeky Fest is a beautiful, bold, bright, collaborative, colorful, creative, daring, dramatic, dynamic, educational, empowering, encouraging, engaging, enthralling, ear/eye-opening, expressive, inspiring, international, invigorating, joyous, participatory, public, progressive, reflective, social, thought-provoking year-round community growing through an annual Festival.

Conventional definitions and rules within the creative & performing arts are tested and challenged, and multiple approaches to art practices are celebrated. Audience members can intermingle with artists/creatives & performers — blurring the boundaries between audience and artists.

Charge you for tickets to parts/all of the event(s).

Discount if you buy tickets to ALL cities.

Membership (revenue stream);

Get info about new people, new cities, etc.,

Meet & greets, Offers from partners, etc.

Sponsorships — sponsor an artist / performer / band etc

Discounts / Free entry for LAA / NR / Other staff


Cheeky Fest is for humans,

including artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, performers,

including people who

• aren’t earning enough through the art to support themselves so have a Job

• are unemployed/underemployed & claiming benefits

• have had/continue to have mental and/or physical health challenges

• are still finding how they coexist with the rest of society

• don’t have a great work history

• haven’t had the opportunities to develop or apply their skills & passion

For Cheeky Fest to thrive, we need involved members who want to do this and help the community grow. Cheeky Fest is not just about promoting your own work; it’s also about helping others. We welcome any questions and hope you will join Cheeky Fest and help the community thrive and encourage and support others.


Cheeky Fest offers

• Cheap / Free education in your chosen field(s), whether you’re an actor, artist, choreographer, dancer, director, entrepreneur, filmmaker, musician, painter, performer, photographer, playwright, poet, singer, songwriter, …

• Fairly paid work; relying on Universal Credit or doing a job you hate?

• Paid placements for arts / creative / business / entrepreneurship students

• Opportunities to connect with, learn from, collaborate with other humans.

Cheeky Fest will

• Empower, enable & encourage you to communicate with people on & offline

• Facilitate networking through real-world events and our online community

• allow entrepreneurs to share their arts startups and connect with clients, customers & partners

• allow startups & businesses to network, share their ideas, and connect with potential partners, clients, and customers. Cheeky will invests in local (music) startups through Cheeky Ventures.


Actively engage with, and be a part of the Cheeky community,

Offer creatives in the community mentorship, funding, and/or space.

Share Cheeky Promo / Fest / Ventures / Foundation content on social media

Tell your friends and family about us, write reviews for musicians,

introduce creatives to other people who can help

Invite creatives in the community to perform at events,

Give people opportunities to develop and practice & be valued for their talent

Support crowdfunding campaigns.

Do you have/want to build experience of any of these skills?

Arts, Business, Arts Education

Social Media / Digital Marketing / Print marketing / Journalism

Artist Management, Events, Tour Management,

Opera / Theatre Production / Direction, Design,

Charities / Non-profits / Foundations / Social enterprises

Startups & Funding / Law - IP / Employment

Email me & Introduce yourself — what’s your name, where do you live, what do you do, why are you contacting Cheeky Promo / how can & why do you want to help?

The LAA is a charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work & travel within the M25.

*Including Rupert Cheek on the 24th / 25th of Sept 2011.

“Nordoff Robbins is the UK’s leading private provider of music therapy services. Our trained network of music therapists works with people of all ages and with a range of conditions. We deliver thousands of music therapy sessions per year in care homes, day centers, hospitals, schools & our own centers. We are also developing a range of other music & health projects to bring music to more & more people in local communities. Everyone responds to music — it affects our minds, bodies & feelings. Through music we can help to: Improve physical health & ability / Address emotional & behavioural difficulties / *Develop communication & social skills* / *Increase creativity, self-esteem & confidence*” /

Rupert Cheek had music therapy in c’83/4 [but not Nordoff Robbins]

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