Falling behind, while leaping ahead

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Going into LDR/726 I had no expectations beyond the course description. I like to keep an open mind when starting a new class. In this way, I feel I am better able to adjust to the various teaching styles and individual traits that make each instructor stand out in their own way. I find I am always more receptive to the learning environment when I come in without expectations. I also think it increases the chances of my being surprised!

(If you feel as though you are missing some entries- you are! Visit my blog https://millennilgirl85.wordpress.com/ to fill in the blanks).

I think my expectations of leadership studies in team dynamics have been exceeded! I really am impressed with the tone and direction of this course and the related readings. I am rarely challenged to the point of feeling as though much of the material is new to me. I spend a considerable amount of time reading and researching. This course has exceeded those life expectations. I have been introduced to a whole new selection of leadership literature in this course, and I am very pleasantly surprised… And maybe a little overwhelmed- when trying to balance the reading and life this month… but life will calm, and I will come out on the other side, proud of who I am becoming.

The week has introduced me to leadership theories in development that encourage my own studies! I am really encouraged. Presently, I am trying to wrap up my workload for class, so I can warp up the rest of my operational responsibilities and return to packing. This class provided me with a solution idea, I could present to my family and partners to solve the personal life issue, that I came into class with. For any of you following my bio and are curious, I choose both! I am moving to Maricopa!!! I am very happy. I am not relinquishing my inheritance of the farm, rather I am working with some tribe members to manage both pursuits.

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