History needs story tellers

Many of us were not around in the 1930's when the first Teak Lady build at the Ah King Shipyard. If anyone reading this was, it would be an amazing opportunity to hear from you! We often imagine receiving files full of the stories and experiences of the original shipwrights.

The Teak Lady Society is committed to uncovering the stories of each of the Teak Ladies and sharing their marvelous stories with the world. We are actively seeking stories from owners of these historic vessels to complete their files and share their information with the world. If you have a story to share or know someone who may... Please reach out to us and share this website. We are each storytellers when looking back in time, and like a puzzle, if we each share our piece, no matter how small, a beautiful image will reveal itself.

Since you found this page, we want to thank you for the visit and encourage you to explore what we have uncovered so far. Additionally, if you want to help us in a different way, please visit our website and find the "ways you can help" button. It will take you to the Community Boat House where you can donate to the Port of Toledo and even find people to connect with to volunteer! You can also send us an email! Have a brilliant day!

Learn more at the source: https://www.teakladysociety.org/

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