Introducing The Teak Ladies

The new website is up, and the archives are ready for you to explore! Welcome to the Teak Ladies Historical Society and online forum. The forum is new also! We are proud to introduce a place where people worldwide can share ideas, tell stories, and share pictures. The Teak Ladies Society is a volunteer-based group, but we will find time to answer any questions or post incoming information. We are so happy to be developing to the point of expansion and seeing our Teak Ladies stories unfold.

The Teak Ladies Society is a community organization dedicated to restoration, preservation, and exceptional maintenance of the Teak Ladies:

"MaZu" formerly Mei Ling and "Che Hon" and "Yuan Mun."

We strive to create a resource for the remaining Teak Ladies, offering a place online to share these historic wooden sailboats' remarkable stories and photos. Our team comprises community members, community organizations, volunteers, shipwrights, and free mariners. We believe that to understand the value of something, you must be able to see, touch, and experience it. Therefore, we work with our community to enhance visibility; visit us to meet with our talented local artisans and experience their craftsmanship first hand! Enjoy not only the boat wonder but the story behind them.

The Teak Ladies Society is a community organization and part of the Port of Toledo in Toledo, Oregon.

To learn more, please visit: Here

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