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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I apologize that it has been so long since I have posted. I fell behind with life and class. But I never stopped writing, so I have several weeks of posts now plugged in and ready to post. This way, I can stay on top of all my responsibilities. So, you are probably wondering what I have been up to, so let’s get there!

In my doctorates program, I am entering the first week of RES/710. This class is going to be intense and very informative. I look forward to all the learning I will experience in the next eight weeks.

In business, I am rebranding. ReanimateMe is coming back out of retirement and will parent all my projects for 2018 or I will create JC Quigley- I'm undecided. At Price Rubin and Partners, I am wrapping up the last few weeks of contractual work with the company and preparing myself for life’s next great adventure. Haus2o is still my little heartthrob, and our adorable Oregon Coast Boat House continues to impress our commitment to excellence in business, service, and luxury.

Being an entrepreneur has a freedom to it that I love. I will never doubt the responsibility required is intense, and commitment and perseverance are excellent traits for creators… but my joys are great, and my freedoms cherished. I think this class will test my time balance and my perseverance. I look forward to the challenge.

My goals for the course are simple: I want to be comfortable enough with my learning and information literacy to communicate my understanding with confidence by the course's conclusion.

My challenges this week are many… I am trying to build engagement for ConstantlyCheeky. We are taking on more artists and a few YouTubers for the 2018 year, so this will be exciting! I love the network, I love the support, and I eagerly await its growth.

My applied statement for week 1 of RES/710

Every day I am closer to fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a leading professional within my field. Week one has been a wonderful experience that I can add to my SPL model. As a scholar, I find more comfort within myself as I learn to navigate the academic texts, deriving from them valuable information that can be used and leveraged to maximize my return of investment in my academic pursuits. As a practitioner, I am becoming more comfortable exploring intimidating topics to advance my personal academic agenda and knowledge. As the leader, I have learned to look beyond my own knowledge base, maximizing my own comprehension of the topic at hand through my peers' engaged discussions. Furthermore, my leadership is displayed in my willingness to engage in these discussions providing valuable knowledge from my own experiences.

This week had considerable reading required of the students. However, I really have enjoyed the academic coursework provided. Hanneman, Kposowa, & Riddle (2013) introduced the language of statistics, covering the logic and technique of statistical analysis. Rea and Parker (2014) discussed so much regarding the researcher’s ability to establish an effective study and comfort understand the validity and use of the data. I was very comfortable with this week’s assignments overall. After a long break (at least for me), I am returning to class, so I believe this week, my greatest challenge is finding my work/life balance again.

Reference: Hanneman, R., Kposowa, A., & Riddle, M. (2013). Basic statistics for social research. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Rea, L.M. & Parker, R.A. (2012).  Designing and conducting survey research:  A comprehensive guide. San Francisco, CA:  John Wiley & Sons

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