Let’s play catch up.

So here I am, with two weeks off, and would you believe that equates to none. What makes this even more humorous is that 50% of my work is in the hospitality and luxury vacation business. So how does this happen?… Please, let me explain.

I have two weeks off between classes, but that hardly represents time off. The world waits in anticipation; what will Connie do with all this free time? The drums lead in a dramatic march, eluding to the heavyweight of her answer… Here she is, here I am, and my answer.

I have been catching up.

I don’t have a crazy following yet, but I include them yet because I am an impossibly hopeful person. For the last two weeks, I have been crazy busy. So much so that I have been slacking in my blogger responsibilities and many others for that matter. However, there is a silver lining. I did mention my impossible hopeful nature, correct? I have been going full beast-mode in business, and it feels amazing.

In truth, I feel awful that I have slacked elsewhere, but there is always a good reason for me. In fact, generally, there are many. So, let's get the ball rolling so you can all see what I have been up to. Let’s start with ConstantyCheeky because that is a fast-growing project! In two weeks, Rupert and I created, produced, and launched 4 new web-series episodes. That is always great fun. We are also expanding to include Artist interviews, with exclusive discussions with global talents from every genre. I have been busy on the phone and Skype arranging interviews and discussing Social Media platform launches. I would definitely advise people to tune in. Beyond the free information and fun discussions, Rupert and I are really trying to show creative transparency so others can grow with us.

Cheeky Promos and I are working closely with profound artists and groups. I am very excited to be discussing that growth. However, for now, stay tuned. Working with Power Music Promotions, both companies are working behind the scenes for the last two weeks, developing some really inspiring graphics. These graphics are spoken for, but we expect the launch to be the biggest strategy to date! We are moving up the ladder and dreaming of great success. I will be releasing some of the advertisements publicly in the coming weeks to promote the artists and their events. The Gypsy Rose, the luxury hotel on the Yaquina Bay. The Gypsy Rose has had an exciting two weeks, going through her summer beautification. She got a new bench and a stunning new coat of paint- or six! She is sailing into her biggest season with this summer having dates booked as far back as 2014! That is exciting. In the Johnson Family Boat Building shop, The Gypsy’s sister: yet to be named, is under construction. That means next year we will have two hotels! The Teak Lady Society is developing an organized database where each Teak Lady can be researched by file. This will profoundly impact the accessibility of the Teak Lady’s historical archives, further preserving their history. I am about 40 hours into the digital database. I want it completed before I start my next class for obvious reasons.

Marketing… marketing… marketing. From Country to deep soulful music, I have had some really amazing work the past two weeks. For the rest of my time, I have been connecting with my network, plugging in my advertisements, and loving my time with my family.

ConstantlyCheeky is an open discussion between Rupert Cheek with Cheeky Promos and Constance Quigley, MBA. Together they are adventuring into the music industry and leaving the window open so that you can learn alongside them. Beyond offering an awesome experience to learn and grow, Rupert and Constance of ConstantlyCheeky have launched a Mighty Network and encourage everyone willing to learn and grow in business to join them. This week, Rupert and Constance are offering insight into their progress and development into the industry. A lot is going on in the world of ConstantlyCheeky, and we wanted to share it with you!

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