Remember to move forward

I had one of the most profound epiphanies upon waking up in the new year. Today is January 1st, and as the Clock Struck 12 to reset the year and day, my mind opened to a grand reality. Sometimes there are moments in life that will cause you to stumble backward. I’m not referring to a small change. I’m talking about those profound changes that are well beyond anyone’s control. If you follow my blog, you are more than aware that my last year was a learning year. One of those profound and uncontrollable moments had rocked my world. I was left staring at the ashes of my life. Perhaps I am more a Phoenix than I ever wanted to acknowledge because it took an entire year for my new to rise out of the pain. It took until the Clock Struck 12.

“It is okay that you went backward. It is okay that in processing your experiences and challenges, that your recluse. Just be sure to take time to reflect and grow from there.”

I don’t think that the problem is that we stumble backward. I think it is the reality that once you take those devastating steps backward, it is hard to remember to move forward again.  The mind is always seeking comfort, stability, and acceptance…. It cements in place and forgets to walk forward again.

One of the greatest challenges in life is understanding once you stumbled backward, which doesn’t mean you deserve to be there. It takes time for the person who fell to understand that it was simply a fall. It takes time for them to look around and understand that they are still worth fighting for.

My backward movement was a shove. A low punch to my spiritual gut. It was a knife to my plans. It ripped me in half and left me wondering what the ___insert colorful word here___ just happened. My mom died, and I flew backward.

I am talking about a real, deep, and dark depression state that seems to consume…

At the turn of the new year, I realized that my mom died in the morning and had been knocked back in my own life and progression. Perhaps these steps backwards were necessary for me to leap forward. That is how I see it.

I want my message today to reach the person who needs to hear it. Whatever your reason for taking a step back, you’re Justified you took a step back! Now it’s time for you to remember that you are Dreamer, that you believe in yourself, and it’s time to start moving forward.

2018 I’m not making you any big promises. I believe this year will fulfill many promises to me. But with the new year, I will make a promise to myself, this year, I’m going to concentrate all my energy on my own leadership development. I promise to become the best person that I can.

This year I am writing my own music, and I am dancing to it every step of the way. I hope you join me.

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