RES/710 Week 2

This week's applied statement is that as a scholar leader and practitioner, there are values and professionalism in taking a step back to reflect and then return with a fresh set of eyes.

Wow, week 2 has been phenomenal. I have been relearning statistics and their importance in the research study. I had saved the video for last week. Then after watching it, I wish I would have put it at the forefront of my assignments. This week’s assignment was a real challenge for me. In the end, I just needed to take a step back, take a breath, get some coffee, and return with a fresh set of eyes. I laughed so hard this morning when I realized that the text explained how to achieve the charts.  However, I wish SPSS specific instruction was provided. YouTube was not very helpful, there seem to be no online how-to videos, and both UoP tech support and IBM tech support could not provide the information in a way I was able to understand.

I strongly encourage students to familiarize themselves with SPSS before taking the course. The readings are essential. Do not forget that the library is your best friend. Many of my course peers decided to hire a tutor for this course.

There were several things I had to do to get the system to work. I had to change my visual settings on my computer to see the images provided within the text to navigate the SPSS system. I had to dedicate hours to familiarize myself with the SPSS system. The one thing that I think was most valuable was when I committed to getting to know the system. I worked on the provided problems in the text and went to Khan Academy for formula study. The combination was excellent because Khan will ask and grade the questions in real-time. That was how I knew I was finally on the right track.

Once I figured out that the error was my own and a simple fix. I took the time to read the last half of chapter two again, which made so much more sense. As another applied statement, I will be taking the time to complete the text's objectives to familiarize myself with the SPSS system better. I am still getting into a schedule in which I feel like I have a work, study, family life balance. Personally, time management remains a hurdle for me to overcome.

I am an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I brag about my ability to create my own schedule. However, it becomes an untrue statement as I get further into my doctorates program. As an entrepreneur, my phone can go off at any time for business. This becomes a little bit of a headache when you’re 22 minutes into a required video, and you must walk away. This week I started setting aside time throughout the week where I put my phone on silent. I don’t feel like this is a hindrance to my company. It is okay for people to leave messages. I just am getting used to dedicating actual hours each day to read and comprehend my texts.

Finally, I will not be discouraged. I entered this program, knowing that I had the dedication and perseverance to see this program through to the end. When I get discouraged, I go back to my first few journal entries, and I find the motivation in myself to push forward! Keep it up to class. We are headed into week 3!

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