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Top 5 Rebranding Fails

Below you’ll find 5 big companies that tried their hands at rebranding. You can read on and see how they failed. Enjoy.

1. Tropicana

When Tropicana shifted its branding, it repackaged the product in a way that led to consumers no longer recognizing it on the shelf. The new packaging looked generic and the consumer quit purchasing. This led to a loss in sales.

The Takeaway: Do your market research before making big changes. In this case, Tropicana developed a product packaging that made consumers think it was a generic brand and the company suffered for it.

2. Kraft

Kraft had a good thing. A thing that people knew and loved. Kraft made changes to its logo, not once, but 4 times over a 4-year period. The result? Customers that didn’t understand the change.

The Takeaway: It’s ok to change things up, but it comes to a brand as big as Kraft, smaller changes would have been better. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

3. MasterCard

MasterCard has had an iconic logo, recognizable all around the globe for years. The company in 2016 decided that people recognized the intersecting red and yellow circles as the primary elements of the logo, and then they decided to start adding elements that translated into confusion for customers. If you look above, you can see the failed logo in the center. They changed back to something that made more sense for the consumer but kept the logo in the center for company use.

The Takeaway: Again, don’t fix what isn’t broken. If you want change, start small and then test the waters.

4. SyFy Channel

Before they decided to undergo major rebranding, the then SciFi channel had a tremendously popular and relevant logo and image. They then decided to up the ante and changed their logo and spelling to be what they considered more trendy. What they forgot to look into is what SyFy could be mistaken for in other cultures. In Poland, specifically, the new SyFy is a synonym for sexually transmitted diseases.

The Takeaway: Before you reinvent words, you should check and see if they can be misinterpreted in other languages. Also, the old look was great before they changed it.

5. Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best has been a household coffee brand for years. They had an incredible brand and image. They decided to change things up and rebranded themselves with a new look and logo. The new design looks like another Tropicana in the sense that it appears generic. The other complaint from customers is that it reminds them more of a blood bank.

The Takeaway: Again, rebrand in a way that fits your company culture and suits your consumer base. Try to redesign in a way that makes things better.

Overall, there are some really big names in here that we all know. It just goes to show that no matter how big you get; you still make mistakes. Rebranding has become popular of late, signs of change and whatnot. Don’t get lost or find yourself making things worse by making the same mistakes as these guys.


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