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Professor Pooch (David J. Spangenberg)​: Personalized Music Business Career Guidance and Education; Consultant, Author, and Music/Film Contract Specialist

Inspiring, Guiding, Educating, & Protecting, Music Business People

A former Professional Recording Artist/Songwriter, "Professor Pooch"​ has been guiding Music Business Careers for over 35 years as a Music Business Consultant, Educator/Author and Entertainment Contract Specialist.

Specialties: Overall Music & Music Business Career Guidance, covering the Creative, Business and Legal/Contract areas, including Music & Video/Film Business Contracts, Negotiations & Mediation.

David guides Artists, Songwriters, and Producers on the Creative end, and Managers, Publishers, Production Companies, Indie Labels on the Business end - including handling everyone's Contract wants and needs, nationwide.



David is always open to any questions re: the biz or legal ends of the Music Business, including being there for You, live or via phone/video, for any Personalized Guidance with your career. Music Business Education & Career Guidance website...https://www.professorpooch.com...is where you can find all sorts of down-to-earth and up-to-date Music Business Information, Tips, and Personal Music Business Services as well as......


A Complete Indie Music Business Education Curriculum - 3 Books & 4 Courses... A total of over 1,000 Easy-To-Read, Follow & Understand, Down-To-Earth pages in Simple Language also comes with a full Audio version (32 hours). I



Granoff Conservatory of Music

School of Hard Knocks – 40 Years, Full-time




City of Philadelphia, W.E.B. Dubois, “Arts & Education” Award, 2017

Fun fact about me:


Professor Pooch Saves Artists, Their Companies, and Their Teams a Lot of Wasted Time, Effort, and Money, including Saving Those Who Wish to Really Learn All About the Music Business, Many Thousands Of Dollars Over Schools & Colleges. And, Everything Is Personalized to the Individual’s Wants & Needs, so They’ll be Ready for All That’s Coming in the 2020’s Version of the Music Business.... 


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Exec. Board Member, Music Advisory Committee

City of Philadelphia

Cause: Education



“Philadelphia Recording Community”

Cause: Recording Arts, Education, and Culture

Co-run Organization with 4500 members. Includes FaceBook Page, plus monthly meetings attuned to Educating & Networking.


Advisory Board

“Rock To The Future”

Cause: After School Music Program for Underserved Youth

Advisory Board; Programming Committee; Educator

Music Business Consultant

“Corzo Center” [at the "University of the Arts"​]

Cause: Music Business Guidance & Education

Supply Guidance, Monthly, for People interested in Making the Entertainment Business their Careers



Exec. Board Member
“Uptown Entertainment Development Corp” 

Cause: The Uptown Theatre has historically been a hub for cultural and economic activity in North Philadelphia and throughout the Philadelphia region.

 Executive Board; Education & Culture for Underserved People

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