Rupert Cheek Founder @ CheekyPromo and Cheeky Fest,

About Me:

Helping you navigate social media and gain a presence online

10 years of social media experience inc 100K+ followers on Twitter across 5 accounts and manage pages & groups on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Mighty Networks, Medium, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Tumblr, YouTube.

I enjoy working collaboratively with other people to help them to achieve their goals by asking thought provoking questions, sharing my own ideas and experience, connecting them with other people who can advise them and amplifying their reach by sharing it on my own channels.

Prepared a presentation for and gave a social media masterclass for music business students at Leeds College of Music. Spent 6 weeks as a teacher at The English School of Mongolia during Oct-Nov 2016 where I taught IB GCSE music and provided cover for other classes in cases of teacher absence.



I am very curious, love asking questions to help myself and others learn. I enjoy connecting with people in person and online, staying up to date with business, tech, startups and social media, practising French & German, cycling, walking, spending time with family & friends, listening to and composing music, playing piano, attending the theatre, concerts and gigs.

Cheeky Fest is an arts community + festival; Art, Dance, Education, Film, Funding (@CheekyStartups), Music, Mentorship, Networking, Opera (@waktm), Paid work, Performance, Poetry, Promotion, Startups, Theatre, Training. Join our Mighty Network & engage with the community

Fun fact about me:


Connie and I are real-life best friends, And we are looking for at least 1 co-founder for Cheeky Fest     ( ) a global community + festival helping people through the arts which grew out of an online music community which I created 7 years ago; including 42K @CheekyPromo, 25K @RupertCheek, 14K@cheekyStartups, 13K @PianoTalent

Cheeky Promo helps musicians & music startups/businesses by encouraging, inspiring, empowering, educating them to do what they love by providing knowledge, connections, and resources, educating them about social media,

Do you LOVE music? Are you a musician, music student at school, college, or Uni, music teacher, artist manager, music publisher, label manager, venue owner, or a music entrepreneur?

I love connecting with other people who LOVE music. I studied music (including piano) for many years to post-grad level, played drums in bands, and accompanied singers on piano. I love helping musicians, music entrepreneurs, music startups, to grow. If you'd like any help with any music-related activity, project, or passion, please email me at and join our community.

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