The 3-Day Sale

Ready... Set... Stand out!

The steps to success

If we do not believe in your company, our services will not benefit you. It is nonsense to inform potential clients that we can build your company based on our experience- education- or ability alone.


We are accomplished, our achievements and leadership are locally, nationally, and internationally awarded. We can build any company up- but we can only transform a company with a vision we see, a mission we believe in, and a voice we want to be heard. 

Honesty is fundamental. We are very to the point. Direct communication minimizes mistakes and miscommunication. We believe in doing what you love, and therefore, we won't help just any company. 

The 3-Day sale is the only way to gain consideration for Management services. Your organization, the leadership, and decision-makers can schedule three days to sell a principal consultant their ideas. One of our principal consultants will commit 3 days of ideation, observation, and consideration. At the end of three days, at which point, we will return with an offer or decline the work. 

If we cannot work with you- we provide a comprehensive report expressing why we do not align and will provide referrals to consultants in your region able to assist. 


Schedule a 3-Day Sale


Complete the application.


Pay Deposit.


All Consideration costs are the responsibility of the applicant.


A JC Quigley Principal consultant flys out to you.


The consultant and your company spend three days learning about culture, direction, and goals.


The consultant returns home and within one week delivers the report electronically.


Accepted Clients will be notified via the report, with included proposal. 


The company has 14 days to respond to the proposal. 


Terms acceptance, equals a consultancy contract. The contract is drafted and sent to you.


From here everything is unique to your company, culture, and future goals! 

Meet the Leadership

Challenge the leadership to communicate the vision bringing forward their perspective. 

Communicate the Vision

Begin to understand the perspective of every stakeholder 

Get to know the Workforce

Understanding current systems will assist in streamlining efficiently and maximizing productivity

Be part of the Culture

Understand the current culture and what is required to foster innovative development.

Discuss your Growth to now.

Educate where you have been to present, strategically communicating a timeline to now

We decide the next best steps. 

We get to work. 

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